Birds of Poole Harbour Reviews

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Super value and a great experience

We were very lucky. The weather was idyllic and within a short time we had great views of Osprey and White tailed Sea Eagle. Back in the Spring we did much the same on a drizzly day without charismatic species and still enjoyed the experience. So, I highly recommend this cruise. You don't need to be an avid birder as the tour leaders make the experience pleasurable for everyone.

  • Richard L

26 Sep 2022

Absolutely fantastic evening

An absolutely fantastic evening the knowledge of Liv and Brittany was unbelievable they kept us entertained for the major part of the 3 hours we were cruising if you have the time book up for this trip you won’t get better value for money on anything else.

  • Lewis

7 Jul 2022

The very best of the best

This is the very best of the best birding trips out. Whether you are an experienced birder or a beginner, this trip is perfect.
Being out in Poole Harbour with the expert guided assistance of the passionate people from the Birds of Poole Harbour charity is the way to do it. BoPH is a charity that punches way above its weight with its conservation work and educational programmes. Treat yourself, book a trip out, see some amazing bird life and find out what positive conservation work is being done in the South West.

  • Michael

6 Oct 2022

These trips help conserve our natural wildlife and are helping improve our natural biodiversity

From the welcome on the dockside to the loan of good birdwatching binoculars, this is a first class experience. To see wild ospreys circling in the sky and diving for fish is great, to see a white tailed eagle just calmly sitting in a nearby pine tree and then to be swooped by a marsh harrier are wonderful wildlife experiences one only gets at the hand of real experts. These guys are GOOD. Poole Harbour is a huge inland coastal area for many wild birds. These trips help conserve our natural wildlife and are helping improve our natural biodiversity.

  • Mary T

3 Sep 2022

The best bird watching boat trip we have ever taken

The best bird watching boat trip we have ever taken. The experience was very well organised. The guides, Paul, Mark and Sam were hugely engaging, experienced and informative throughout the whole 3 hour trip! We spotted numerous Ospreys and even saw two White-Tailed Sea Eagles! We will certainly return in the future. Wholeheartedly recommended

  • Mark G

5 Sep 2023

We have been on so many birds of Poole Harbour events and keep going back for more

We have been on so many birds of Poole Harbour events and keep going back for more. Mostly we do the bird boats which are always fun and informative, whatever time of year. All the staff and volunteers are so enthusiastic and it rubs off. Have also done other events such as bird ID and ringing demonstrations. All events have been excellent. I have learnt so much. They are doing excellent conservation work in the harbour with other partners. The most exciting being the first ospreys to fledge in the harbour for nearly 200 years. They also work with local schools taking the children out on free bird boats, sewing the seeds in the next generation. You don’t have to be a birder to enjoy the events, the boat trips go into every nook and cranny of the harbour giving a generally good boat trip exploring the area, although it’s predominantly about the birds.

  • Sightseer620627

20 Aug 2023

Outstanding and educational wildlife tour of Poole Harbour

Despite the weather we thoroughly enjoyed our Birds of Poole Harbour trip. We were a family of four with two boys aged 13 and 16 and were blown away by the knowledge of our tours guides - not to mention the amazing eyesight! Our two brilliant hosts provided us with information and knowledge about the local area and the birds that we could see, what conservation programmes were running and the impact they were having on the populations. We also had two 'spotters' who pointed out various species as we went around the harbour. We were provided with binoculars and plenty of space on the boat which was expertly manoeuvred around the Wareham channel and harbour. It wasn't just birds we saw either - deer and even a curious seal!

  • Lindsey W

4 Aug 2023

Absolutely fantastic autumn bird watching safari cruise

Absolutely fantastic autumn bird watching safari cruise this morning - the team were so knowledgable and pointed out all the many species surrounding us. It was non-stop excitement and I came away with some great sightings and photos too. Highly highly recommend, really worthwhile and fun. Thank you to everyone in the team, it was a special day.

  • Rachel

2 Nov 2022

One of the best trips we have ever done

We really enjoyed this trip, it's probably one of the best we have ever done. Congratulations to Birds of Poole Harbour.
Leaving from Poole Quay, the tourist boat heads out into the bay and towards Wareham channel. Commentary was enthusiastic and informative, while other staff were keeping eyes open for interesting birdlife.
Our trip was called an 'Osprey cruise' so it was obvious what we were hoping to see. We were lucky enough to spot several ospreys and a white-tailed eagle. Obviously, the fact that it was a beautiful day didn't hurt but I think it would have been enjoyable whatever the weather.

  • Lynda W

29 Aug 2022